Why Drivers Choose DADC ??

"The DADC hand control is the most efficient and less fatiguing of any hand control I have used in 17 years...My commute is safer and more enjoyable due to the responsiveness of the accelerator. This DADC hand control puts the "GO!" back in "Stop and Go" traffic."

- Ishmael Lara, Sterling, Virginia

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Hand controls for independence in style

At Driving Aids Development Corporation (DADC), we help people with disabilities make the move from apprehension to independence with reliable, attractive and affordable hand controls.

Since 1982, when founder William Perry built a better hand control for his injured son Roger, DADC has designed, built and installed our patented vacuum assisted twist grip hand control for drivers worldwide. Today DADC President Lee Perry, Williamís son, continues to honor the philosophy of its founder with superior engineering, quality materials, streamline installs and safe and easy operation at an affordable price.

Hand controls. Most of them are out there to get you from point A to point B. At DADC, we believe they should do a bit more. We believe that the hand controls you choose should set you up to safely enjoy every ounce of your driving experience.

With a DADC hand control, our clients achieve independence as well as:

  • Prevent shoulder and elbow pain and eliminate fatigue
  • Precise, fingertip control
  • Achieve greater upper body stability
  • Improve throttle control especially in tight turns or on bumpy roads
  • Little or no cutting to the dashboard
  • A cockpit free of clutter for unencumbered access
  • Eliminate squeaks and grease stains on clothes
  • An option for drivers considering expensive electronic controls

Whether you are living with loss of limb or lack of feeling, strength or stability, or you are just ready for a better driving experience, DADC makes a hand control that puts you back on the road in safety, comfort and style.

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Reclaim your right to independence on the road today. Contact DADC today at (888) 762-1046 or dadc500@drivingaids.com

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